The Avengers: Their WAGs

30 Jun

WAGs is a tabloid acronym for Wives and Girlfriends, typically of male athletes and/or celebrities. That doesn’t mean that superheroes can’t have one. In fact, superhero WAGs are quite popular, e.g. Mary Jane for Spider-Man and Lois Lane for Superman.

So at the risk of sounding sexists, below is a list of Avenger WAGs featured in the movies in no particular order:

Pepper Potts by Gwyneth Paltrow

Pepper Potts — Pepper is Tony Stark’s secretary in the movies. She is the solid rock within Stark’s lonely eccentric world as the only son and heir of wealthy industrialist, Howard Stark. By the second Iron Man movie, Pepper has become Stark’s budding love interest.

Betty Ross by Liv Tyler

Betty Ross — Dr. Banner is having a shitty life. After getting shot and blasted by the US military, he can’t even use a small downtime to make love to his ex-girlfriend who wanted him badly. By the way, anyone noticed how Betty sounded like an elf?

Jane Foster by Natalie Portman

Jane Foster — A beautiful astrophysicist who hit on Thor a couple of times, literally. First, she slams him with a winnebago while driving at night in the desert. Then she backs into him with a pick-up truck as he was walking out of the hospital. Kissing Thor before he departed to battle and get stuck in Asgard, Foster vows to reopen the inter-dimensional portal that will bring him back to Earth.

Sif by Jamie Alexander

Sif — A warrior and long time comrade of Thor. Perhaps I need to see the movie again, but I did not see any romantic link between Thor and Sif. However, in the comic books, Sif was a lover of Thor before he was banished to Earth. Sif is in this list because Thor is a god and he can have more than one WAG.

Peggy Carter by Haley Atwell

Peggy Carter — A fighting woman, Peggy fought with the French resistance in World War II. She was also Captain America’s girlfriend during that time. Now here where it gets kinda creepy, Captain America ended up getting frozen alive and preserved for decades after the War. After he was found and became an active member of the Avengers, he began going out with Sharon Carter, Peggy’s niece.


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